Becoming a volunteer

Ewenlife Rare Diseases Organisation

Volunteering at EwenLife

Volunteering at EwenLife Rare Diseases is to commit to providing a selfless and voluntary service for the benefit of rare disease patients and their loved ones.

While respecting the values and ethics of the Association:

Every volunteer must join the EwenLife volunteer charter
To join us, email us at

From volunteer to special member

The annual membership in EwenLife Rare Diseases allows you to receive regular information about the association (especially as to its news) and to share a privileged link with the association.

EwenLife Rare Diseases membership is reserved for the Association’s volunteers.

This annual membership, worth 20 euros, allows you to financially support EwenLife Rare Diseases project and helps patients with rare diseases and their relatives.

You too, join us and expand the EwenLife Rare Diseases family.

Becoming a member as an association

EwenLife works with many associations. In order for the rare diseases represented by these associations, EwenLife helps them to produce a first story without any commitment. Based on a second story, EwenLife asks its associations partners to support them through membership, in order to be fair to other associations that have not yet had video stories.

EwenLife Rare Diseases membership for associations is

€25 for associations with less than 25 members

€50 for associations with less than 100 members

€70 for associations with more than 100 members

You too, join us and expand the EwenLife Rare Diseases family.
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