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Online videos dedicated to each rare disease

EwenFlix is an on-demand video plateform for people affected by rare diseases and their family. Find on EwenFlix testimonies of patients, family or health professionals to better understand and live with rare diseases.

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65 diseases available on EwenFlix

Who are wE ?

EwenLife Rare Diseases wants to give the best of digital technologies to rare diseases patients and their helpers

Our Projects

EwenFlix Rare Diseases

To break the patients solitude, EwenLife created a video plateform dedicated to rare diseases. On this plateform named EwenFlix EwenFlix (https://app.ewenlife.org), there is :
  • Small explanatory videos of the disease to share.
  • Testimonies of patients affected by rare disease
  • Videos to help with your administrative process.
  • Association’s members interviews.
  • Interviews of professionals(psychologist, lawyer…)

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The Ewen Community

An Ewen is a patient affected by rare disease or a close relation. He/She testifies on videos of his/her everyday life on EwenFlix. He/She also gives advice to live in the best condition possible with his/her rare disease. Ewens have the mission to create together a content. A content which ends solitude and the lack of understanding of rare diseases. Like them,

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The team

A reknown technical expertise with close experience to the rare disease

We are a close team of 25 volunteers. We have a high expertise known in data security, networks resilience, project management and communication. We are also 5 facing rare disease everyday. This double skill allows us to work efficiently for 2 years with patients associations, rare diseases experts and institutions.


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