Ewenlife Rare Diseases Organisation

Giving to EwenLife helps to break the isolation of the rare disease. This allows us to make even more video stories about the experience and expertise of the rare disease.

My donation

Donate to EwenLife means

  • to empower our volunteers to produce and translate our video stories and EwenLife series,
  • to allow us to remain fully independent of all forms of pressure,
  • to send EwenLife video stories on social media to support isolated families

Your donation will be used for all of our actions

As an indication,

  • $100 allows 1 month of 1 civic service at EwenLife. And one person in civic service means 5 interviews a month, and as much editing
  • $500 to cover monthly subscriptions for our interview and editing software
  • A donation of 10 euros for French people means 3.44 euros disbursed
  • 1 interview will help an average of 100 to 200 families, in France and internationally

Your donation will be 66% challenged if you are French.

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