Month: December 2020

Ewenlife Rare Diseases Organisation

New Testimonials: Ehler Danlos, Arterio-Venous Malformation, Rendu Osler Weber

3 new Ewens testimonials are available on our video platform: Aurélie with Ehler Danlos Hypermobile, Beatrice with arterio-venous malformations, Souleya and Saliha with Rendu Osler Aurélie – Hypermobile Ehler Danlos   Syndrome The 16 #épisodes of the #story of  #Aurélie on how #bienvivre #with #EhlersDanlos #Hypermobile. It’s here: She approaches #Childbirth, #job, #dance, #travelling . For fun, the ep14…
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EwenLife celebrates its 99 volunteers and appeals for donations

99 volunteers joined EwenLife Rare Diseases in 2020. EwenLife would be nothing without them. Whether they participate in the life of the association, testify, testify or translate our videos. We can’t thank them enough.  Volunteers in the spotlight We use our annual donation campaign to highlight our volunteers. Some live with the disease on a…
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EwenLife is nominated for the Galien Prize in the "Patient Support" section

We learned with some pride that EwenLife Rare Diseases is nominated for the Galien Prize in the “Patient Support” section. The other nominees are: ➡️ AP-HP St Louis Hospital ➡️ Aida Association ➡️ Asso. Fr. of the Diabètics of Burgundy-Franche-County ➡️ Laurette Fugain Association ➡️ Asso. The Weight of Sharing ➡️ SparADRAP Association – the…
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