New patient story: Cutis Laxa

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New patient story: Cutis Laxa

1 new Ewen story is available on our video platform and our YouTube Channel:
Marie-Claude on cutis laxa

Marie-Claude – Cutis Laxa

The episodes from Marie-Claude’s interview on cutis laxa are now available on our YouTube channel.

In her interview, Marie-Claude talks about her daughter’s pathology, her doctor’s silence, her attempts to best care for her daughter and some people’s inability to understand her daughter’s physical difference. She also addresses the psychological impact of this disease.

In this interview, Marie-Claude doesn’t hesitate to say things as they are1

 To watch all the episode fromMarie-Claude’s interview on cutis laxa, click here:

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To learn more about Marie-Claude’s association for cutis laxa: 

Volunteers for this patient story:
Interviewer: Magali Sorret
Video editing montage: Eloise

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