New testimonial: Glut1 Deficiency

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New testimonial: Glut1 Deficiency

1 new testimonial from Ewen is available on our video platform:
Magali on Glut1 Deficiency

Magali – Glut1 deficiency

Episodes of Magali’s testimony on Glut1 Deficiency are available on our YouTube channel and on our platform.

In their testimony, Magali talks about her son’s deficit and its impact on a daily basis. Epileptic seizures, ketogenic diet, relationship with the medical profession, family and school impact … Magali transmits a maximum of her knowledge about life with Glut1 Deficiency
Magali’s testimony on glut1 deficiency is here:
To review our series on guilt and rare disease, it’s here:
Magali’s association on Glut1 deficiency:
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Interviewer: Francoise
Editor: Lise

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